FABRIC Conference, Brussels, February 2016

Magnetizable concretes as a competitive and road integrable solution to increase the efficiency and/or coil distance for DWPT

PCIM 2016, Nuremberg: Press Conference, May 2016

MAGMENT power magnetics - a revolutionary technology for most economical inductive components

World EV ECO Show 2016, Ningbo, CHINA (in Cooperation with DMEGC and INTIS), July 2016

Inductive Energy Transfer on the move - Solutions for future mobility

MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2016, Salt Lake City, USA, October 2016

Magnetizable Concrete – A Composite Material Containing Ferrite Ceramics

Fachsymposium Elektromobilität, TH Deggendorf, October 2016

Zukunftsstoffe der Elektromobilität: MAGMENT

IDTEchEx Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing, Santa Clara, USA, November 2016

Magnetizable Concretes for (Dynamic) Wireless Charging

Busworld Latin America 2016, Medellín, COLOMBIA (in Cooperation with LLEGAS), December 2016

Inductive opportunity charging making e-buses for BRT competitive